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Dollar Cost Averaging:  A Measured Approach to Investing
There are 2 ways to enter a swimming pool.  You can walk yourself in slowly.  Step by step. Inch by inch. Gradually edging yourself into the water so as not to be shocked by the cold. Or? You can dive right in without hesitation.  Putting money to work in the capital markets is no different, leaving investors faced with the decision: is it better to wade or plunge? One of the most common forms of periodic investing (i.e. wading) is called Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA). DCA is a strategy that allows an investor to buy the same dollar amount of an investment on regular intervals, regardless of the price.   Participating in your employer’s company-sponsored retirement plan, like a 401(k), is one of the most common opportunities to Dollar-Cost Average.  Money is deducted from your paycheck on a regular basis (e.g. twice a month or every other week) and it goes to purchase shares of whatever investments you’ve chosen, consiste...
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DHG Wealth Advisors Podcast Episode 07:  SECURE Act
Earlier this year, the SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) breezed through the the House of Representatives. The bill is currently stuck in the Senate, but it would make a number of changes to the rules around 401(k)s and IRAs. Tune in as we're joined by three special guests to dig into the SECURE Act and uncover planning strategies and opportunities around the potential changes. Special Guests:Jason A. Lunsford, MBA, CRPS®, AAMS®, AIF®, PPC™ | DHGWA Practice Leader/AdvisorMelanie M Johnson | Partner, DHG TaxPaul J. Harteg, CFP®   Director | DHGWA Chief Investment Officer
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Second Quarter 2019 Newsletter

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Q2 2019 Newsletter Amid tariff wars and temporary truces, Brexit bewilderment and historic Hong Kong rallies, the global thermometer isn’t the only gauge that may leave you and your investment temperament reeling between cooling chills and hot thrills this summer. Let’s take a refreshing journey back to May 2018, when the CFA Institute hosted its 71st Annual Conference in (of all places) Hong Kong. It’s also where Nobel Laureate and behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman presented how to improve on decisions by tuning out the “noise.” You probably already agree it makes sense to ignore noisy distractions in pursuit of your financial goals. But how do you know what is noise and what is substance?
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Retirement Plan Services Overview

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Our retirement plan services team helps plan sponsors provide the right retirement plan for their employees and meet the fiduciary and ERISA responsibilities they take on. 
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"Your Retirement Choices:" A Guide to Making Decisions Regarding Your Pension Benefits
One of the most important letters you may receive is a letter titled “Your Retirement Choices.”   This cheery title sits atop a letter that companies send when it’s time for you to make a decision regarding your accrued pension benefits and is usually sent close to your expected retirement date – although sometimes there is an opportunity to claim benefits early.Choosing the right pension benefit is complex given the number of considerations.  There are single life annuities. Qualified joint and survivor annuities.  Maybe you take a lump sum distribution. What does period certain mean? Will your monthly payouts adjust for inflation over time? For many people their pension benefit is a significant portion of their post-retirement income and so it is critical to make an educated decision that will be best for both long-term financial needs, as well as peace of mind.Attached here is an article from the AICPA that goes into significant detai...
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Tax Diversification - Proactive Steps to Reduce Taxation in Retirement
If you’ve worked with us for any length of time, you’ve certainly heard the term diversification once or twice as it relates to investments.  You may not be as familiar with the term “tax diversification” but know that it is a relevant concern that we consider when recommending your savings options.Tax diversification refers to having different portions of your savings subject to different tax rules, which becomes especially important when you begin making withdrawals during retirement.  The alternatives are: 1) tax deferred savings (IRA, 401k, 403b, SIMPLE IRA), 2) tax-free savings (Roth IRA/401k) and 3) taxable savings in your single name or joint name.The reason tax diversification is important is that we don’t have control over the tax environment when we reach retirement.  Having access to funds that are treated differently from a tax standpoint may allow you to access the funds you need without paying more taxe...
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Everything Old is New Again There is always a newer, cooler investment to catch your interest.  The large majority of those may seem to be too good to be true, and usually are.  This phenomenon didn’t just start in the last few months, years, or decades.  See below for charts of a really old one and a fairly recent one.
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Why DHGWA Wants to Serve You

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What we do is important but Why we do it matters even more. Learn what drives DHG Wealth Advisors to create an exceptional Client Experience, including our primary objective: to serve our clients with passion and care.
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DHG Wealth Advisors Podcast Episode 06: Tax Reform
Tax season is officially in full swing. The DHGWA Insights Podcast welcomes DHG Federal Tax Partner, Nathan Clark, to discuss tax reform and five of the most important changes impacting individuals. Join us as we explore why many (but not everyone) will get a tax reduction. Why more taxpayers will be taking the standard deduction. And why you may need to review your tax withholding for next year. 
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DHG Wealth Advisors Podcast Episode 05:  New Limits and Contributing to IRAs
It's not too late!  On this month's show, we are joined by Will Boyd, CPA with DHG, to discuss the key considerations for making 2018 IRA contributions before the April 15th deadline. We play the first edition of the "Ask a DHG CPA" game. And we highlight the IRS's latest increase in retirement plan contribution limits for 2019.  
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