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more resourceful wealth management

What sets DHG Wealth Advisors apart from others? Resourcefulness. As fiduciaries, our singular focus is your best interest as we shape a wealth management strategy that provides peace of mind and financial security. We employ a combination of the award-winning investment philosophy, Modern Portfolio Theory, with objective, fee-only advice and our collaborative approach to help you create the lives you want for yourself and your family.

Our proven approach to wealth management is rooted in the philosophy of long-term investing: we focus on relationships instead of individual transactions. If you choose us as your advisor, our relationship will be built on trust and service, not volume. Over time, we’ll demonstrate the value of patient, disciplined investing, giving you the peace of mind that successful investors maintain through changing economic cycles.
We build trust by offering unbiased, objective investment advice—advice that avoids typical conflicts of interest. We’re a fee-only advisor and the principles behind that choice give you confidence you’re getting the most from your investments. We accept no commissions, outside fees or third-party payments. Unlike commissioned brokers or investment professionals, we focus on your portfolio’s goals—not on specific transactions. You can feel confident that the decisions we make about your portfolio are made with your best interests in mind.
We’d be pleased to show you a comparison of your current total costs of investing versus our fee-only approach. The bottom line is that our success is based upon yours—which is the way it should be.

investment strategy that earns trust

Our commitment to resourcefulness is the reason we have selected Modern Portfolio Theory as our investment philosophy. This Nobel Prize-winning methodology has been adopted by some of the world’s largest endowments, pension funds and foundations. Modern Portfolio Theory’s fundamental value is the way it uses asset-class diversification to build a portfolio designed for the individual investor, reflecting the preferred level of risk, performance and cash flow needs. It also offers a proven way of mitigating risk and dampening volatility, which is critical for capital preservation.

Conversation is the cornerstone of our relationship with you. From initial evaluation of your goals to regular updates about your portfolio performance, we emphasize open communication that provides peace of mind. First, we discuss your cash flow needs, tax strategies, insurance requirements along with education, retirement and estate planning. Understanding what you face in life, we build a portfolio that responds to your changing financial status, investment objectives and risk tolerance.

We monitor our managed portfolios on a continuous basis, going above and beyond monthly statements and quarterly performance reports. There are no hidden fees or charges, so you always know how your wealth is managed and what it costs, for a true return on your investment. And we don’t take custody of your assets—they’re held by an independent third party custodian.
As an added value, our relationship with our parent company, DHG, gives you access to the financial strength, experience and insights of the largest CPA firm headquartered in the South. Of course, we can work with the CPA firm of your choice, as our policy is to coordinate our services with the right tax strategies for you.
  • Relationship-focused 
  • Nobel Prize-winning investment philosophy 
  • Objective, fee-only compensation
  • Unbiased investment advice 
  • Access to DHG’s comprehensive financial resources

Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory is Nobel Prize-Winning investment methodology that begins with the premise that it’s less risky to invest in several low-correlation asset classes than to place all of one’s wealth in one asset class. It builds on the basic principle that diversification increases the likely return while decreasing overall risk. For a more in-depth explanation of this Nobel Prize-winning investment methodology and how it can benefit you, contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our wealth advisors.


a more principled 401k ™


Our clients realize the benefits of having a trusted advisor who provides assistance with multiple aspects of retirement plan management. By leveraging the depth and knowledge of our team through our partnership with DHG Wealth Advisors and Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP, we provide clients with a comprehensive option which includes plan design and administration, proactive investment monitoring and communication for participants.

DHGWA is a wholly owned subsidiary of DHG, a top 20 accounting and advisory firm, and works closely with their practice, DHG Retirement Plan Administration. The two entities collaborate service knowledge and experience so that the DHGWA team may best help clients with their retirement planning needs.
  • Fiduciary Process & Advisory Services
  • Plan Design Consultation
  • Vendor Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Plan Cost Comparison
  • Tailored Advice
  • Implementation of Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment Menu Development
  • Ongoing Investment Due Diligence
  • Advisory Education & Training for Employers & Employees
  • Group Enrollment and One-on-One Meetings
  • Proactive, Excellent Service

We begin our relationship with our clients by performing a comprehensive evaluation of the plan objectives and goals. Utilizing a consultative approach, we tailor a customized plan to meet the needs of each individual client by leveraging the knowledge and experience of our team.

Once a plan has been developed, our advisors help guide the plan participants on how to utilize the plan to best achieve their individual investment goals.

Then, on a continual basis, we monitor the plan’s investments and behaviors and help our clients make adjustments in order to provide the right retirement plan for their employees. We also assist our clients in meeting their fiduciary and ERISA responsibilities.

Through our integrated team approach, clients who are looking for an easy, affordable and efficient approach will realize the benefit of utilizing a firm with a comprehensive service offering. By working with our team of professionals and through our streamlined approach, we save our clients time and allow them to focus on what they do best.
Our team is committed to full disclosure and accountability, combined with attentive, personalized client service. Working on a fee only basis, we accept no commissions, outside fees or third-party payments and we base our success on your success.