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Dave Koppenheffer / Associate Advisor
This session will discuss financial planning for individuals just starting their career or those starting to think about saving and investing for the first time. You’ll hear tips on how to create a budget, the importance of building an emergency fund, how to develop a plan to pay off student loans, investing for the first time and a summary on 401(k) plans and other savings vehicles. Initially created internally for DHG and now available publicly.
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We don’t always think about finances when we think about our overall wellness, but they’re a very important component. Will Sneed, President of DHG Wealth Advisors and 30-year veteran of the investment industry, shares tips on finding financial freedom. Initially created internally for DHG and now available publicly.
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Amy Manning of DHG Wealth Advisors joins us to share a few tips on financial well-being. Amy is a certified financial advisor and helps create financial security for her clients through a disciplined approach with financial planning. Be sure to have a pen and a piece of paper handy to jot down notes during this podcast! Initially created internally for DHG and now available publicly.
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Dollie Halford | CFP®, CDFA™

Maria Tobin | CLU, ChFC, LUTCF with DHG Agency

This first session will focus on financial fitness for women, where, at some point in their lives, 95% will become the sole financial decision maker for their family. Yet studies show that, on average, women feel they lack confidence and knowledge in making wise financial decisions. Join us for an insightful look at some of the financial issues unique to women, as well as an overview of investing and financial planning. Initially created internally for DHG and now available publicly.
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Stretch IRAs

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An IRA in and of itself provides for the significant benefit of tax-deferred growth during the owner's lifetime.  The funds in the IRA are only taxed when they are removed.   They can be removed and used without penalty beginning the year the owner turns 59½.  Later on, during the year that the owner turns 70½, the IRS requires withdrawal of a Required Minimum Distribution.  For most participants, this first distribution is equal to 3.65% of the IRA’s value, with the percentage distribution required to be distributed by the IRS rising as they age.What many individuals don’t realize is that the benefits of tax-deferred growth can extend to an individuals’ heirs through a Stretch IRA (more formally called an Inherited IRA).  The IRA can become a Stretch IRA without significant effort on your part; it’s part of the tax law.   Upon death, the  specifically named heirs will inherit the IRA as an Inhe...
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W.O.W.Global stock markets have continued their seemingly indefatigable upward trends during the third quarter, even showing strength during some historically negative US events.  For instance, Hurricane Irma ravaged many portions of Florida over a weekend.  The following Monday, US stock markets made new, all-time highs. Wow.  On Sunday October 1, a lone gunman in Las Vegas committed the largest mass shooting in our country’s history.  The next day, even with this atrocity, US stock markets made another new high.  Wow, again.   But those are not the “wows” we’re talking about in the title.  All great bull markets climb a wall of worry (WOW), or fear.  If there was no fear, all investors would be fully invested and there would be no one left to buy stocks.  The current bull market is no different than past ones, although it appears that the market’s chutzpah, its boldness and temerity, have been at all-time...
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Letter From the Chairman

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As a client or professional partner of DHG Wealth Advisors you’ve been part of a wealth management experience focused on your goals and objectives, not one focused on products.   As a part of implementing an appropriate solution for our clients based on their needs, risk tolerance, and feedback; our Investment Policy Committee seeks out investment solutions that have stood the test of time.   A long standing part of our client portfolios has been Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).   We’ve attached this year’s “Letter From The Chairman”, penned by DFA Chairman David Booth for your review.The article outlines how DFA’s long term investment success has been built on a philosophy which takes advantage of academically proven risks and remains committed to them during cycles that have not been favorable.   These are similar to the tenants of long-term individual investing success; selecting an investment strategy that ...
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Look Out Below!!Did that get your attention?  Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves.  The clever title is supposed to scare you into thinking we were talking about the market going down.  If you read or listen to just about any news source, you have undoubtedly heard some expert warn about stocks going down.  They have been doing this for several years.  After all, we are in our ninth year of a bull market.  It makes sense that we should get a meaningful downturn sooner than later.  Doesn’t it? The fact is that we will indeed have a meaningful market correction – sometime.  Whether it is next month, or next quarter, next year or a few from now, we will indeed have a bear market, defined as a correction of at least 20% from a recent high.  And when it comes, it will take many people by surprise.  Most likely it will start innocently, with a pullback much like others we have experienced over the last few years.&nbs...
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Old, Bloated, Slow and ScaryNo, we’re not talking about some of your in-laws.  Rather, we are discussing the US economy and its stock markets.  Let’s take them one at a time.OldThe current bull market started in March of 2009.  After the worst bear market in most people’s lifetimes, the bull started its upturn and hasn’t stopped since.  The older this bull market gets, the closer it moves to its eventual top, right?  Well, all things must end, but just when the ending occurs is really tough to determine.  See Chart 1 below:Chart 1As you can see, this is the second longest bull market in the last 60 years.  But what does that mean?  There is no reason why it cannot continue, and to make matters more difficult, often the last year or two of a bull market offers excellent returns.  Bailing out early might insure a lower average annual return for a long-term investor.  Clearly, time alone is not a meaningful determin...
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Prognostication2016 may go down in history as the poster child for the axiom that it is impossible to magically predict how the stock market will perform.  Of course, that makes much of the print you read, or gurus you watch or listen to, meaningless.  But don’t take our word for it.  At a presentation at the University of California on April 15, 2003, Steve Forbes, publisher of Forbes Magazine said:             “You make more money selling advice than following it. It’s one of the things we count on in the magazine business—along with the short memory of our readers.”Forbes is basically saying most investors would be better off if they covered their eyes and ears when any predictive information on the stock market appears on a screen or in written communication. Contrary to this meaningless daily dribble, our advisors consistently share with clients the empirically proven investment truths backed with fina...
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