about DHG wealth advisors

DHG Wealth Advisors LLC is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisory Firm owned by the top 20 assurance, tax and advisory firm Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP (DHG). We offer clients a wealth management experience that combines personalized investment advice with an unparalleled commitment to service. 

We use Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), a Nobel Prize-winning methodology developed by Harry Markowitz in the 1950s that has been adopted by some of the world’s largest endowments, pension funds and foundations. It uses asset-class diversification to build a portfolio that reflects individualized risk levels, performance goals and cash flow needs, while mitigating risk and dampening volatility to preserve capital. Read more about MPT as well as our overall Investment Philosophy here.

Compensation that Inspires Confidence

Being fee-only means that we build trust by offering unbiased, objective investment advice—and we avoid typical commission-related conflicts of interest.—We accept no outside fees or third-party payments and, unlike commissioned investment professionals, we focus on you and your portfolio’s goals, not on specific transactions. DHGWA does not take custody of your assets—they are held by an independent, third-party custodian. With our approach, you can feel confident that the decisions we make about your portfolio reflect your best interests.

We would be pleased to show you a comparison of your current total costs of investing versus our fee-only approach. The bottom line is that our success is based upon yours—which is the way it should be.

our professionals

Our advisors bring a wealth of knowledge to the table on financial planning, how to help you live your best life and ways to assist in achieving your financial goals.