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Dimensional Fund Advisors Converting Several Existing International Mutual Funds To Exchange Traded Funds
Recently, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) announced that they would be converting several existing mutual funds to exchange traded funds (ETFs), and we wanted to share  important information about the conversion. This is their second conversion of existing funds to ETFs. The first successful conversion took place this May.The funds impacted by this change are listed below:Fund Objectives Will Not ChangeIt is important to note that the investment objectives of these funds will not be changing. DFA believes the conversion to an ETF structure will be a benefit to shareholders through potentially greater tax efficiency, which is complementary to the investment objective of the tax-managed funds that are designed to maximize after-tax returns. The funds will also have a lower expense ratio post-conversion (a reduction of 27% on average).Tax Consequences of ConversionThe conversion from mutual funds to ETFs will be organized as a tax-free event for US tax purposes so we anticipate ...
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Women & Work: Career Leadership Coaching for Women
Navigating the professional world as a woman comes with its own unique set of challenges. Join DHG’s team members for insights into how to find positions that best fit your needs and how to grow your career.
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Overcoming the Biggest Mistakes People Make with Their Money
Many feel the biggest mistakes people make with their money are things like not having enough saved for retirement, not having a long-term approach to investing or not having a financial plan.
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Pursuing a Better Investment Experience
10 key principles to improve your odds of investing success.
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Second Quarter 2021 Newsletter

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Second Quarter 2021 Newsletter
The purpose of the DHG Wealth Advisors newsletter is to help you understand the stock market in ways not always covered by the financial media. We do this by focusing on both the core tenets of our investment philosophy, as well as examining recent market activity. In our Q221 newsletter, Sarah Charles discusses the recent cycle of new market highs and what it means for investors wondering “is now a good time to invest?” while Bill Laird addresses recent concerns over inflation.
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DHG Wealth Advisors LLC Announces Bill Laird as Chief Investment Officer
DHG Wealth Advisors LLC (DHGWA) is pleased to announce Bill Laird as its Chief Investment Officer effective June 1, 2021.  Bill has also been promoted to the position of Director at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP.  Bill has been a member of the firm’s Investment Policy Committee since shortly after joining the firm in 2009 and most recently served as Co-Chief Investment Officer, a title he has held jointly with Paul Harteg since June of 2020.   The expected transition of Bill to Chief Investment Officer after one year of sharing the title was announced by the firm in June 2020.   Paul Harteg will continue to serve clients and manage the Greenville, South Carolina advisory team.As Chief Investment Officer, Bill will lead the firm’s Investment Policy Committee, a team of the firm’s most experienced advisors and research associates, setting the direction for DHG Wealth Advisors’ investment methodology and client solutions. Bil...
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Women & Wealth: Understanding Your Finances 101
A panel of DHGWA financial advisors discussed basic financial principles and the foundations of investing, so that you have the knowledge you need to manage your personal finances with confidence!Date: May 27, 2021Time: 11:00  AM - 12:00 PM ESTPanelists: Amy Manning, CFP, Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth Advisors (Moderator) Suzanne Holbert, CPA/PFS, Director, Vice-President, DHG Wealth Advisors Ashley Israel, CPS/PFS, CFP, Director, Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth Advisors Ellen Lindh, Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth AdvisorsVIEW RECORDINGClick here to register for upcoming DHG Wealth Advisors’ Women, Wealth & Work webinar series.
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Paul Harteg to Step Down as Co-Chief Investment Officer of DHG Wealth Advisors
Effective May 31, 2021, Paul Harteg will be stepping down from his role as our Co-Chief Investment Officer. He will continue to serve his clients and manage the Greenville, SC advisory team.
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Dimensional Fund Advisors Converting Several Existing Mutual Funds to Exchange Traded Funds
Recently, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) announced that they would be converting several existing mutual funds to exchange traded funds (ETFs), and we wanted to share some important information about the conversion.
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DHG Wealth Advisors’ Women, Wealth & Work webinar series
DHG Wealth Advisors (DHGWA) presents Women, Wealth & Work - a four-part series of webinars designed to educate and empower women when it comes to their personal finances, and to inspire confidence in their careers. From the fundamentals of investing to career leadership coaching for women to returning to the workplace to navigating life transitions, DHG Wealth Advisors and DHG team members will explore the topics that we believe matter to women today.
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