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Medicare 101: Understanding the Basics

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Medicare 101: Understanding the Basics

Are you nearing 65 and confused about signing up for Medicare? Are you overwhelmed by the brochures in your mailbox and the choices you have to make? Signing up for Medicare is a major milestone– which is why it’s important that you understand the landscape so you can make informed and educated decisions that are right for you.  

Join Sarah Charles, with DHG Wealth Advisors, and Carol Baxter, a volunteer with the Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP), for an informative discussion on the basics of Medicare including:

  • Understanding original Medicare (Part A and Part B)
  • Supplements (Medigap policies) versus Medicare Advantage (Part C)
  • Choosing a drug plan
  • Medicare’s preventive benefits
  • Signing up for Medicare while you’re still working
  • Medicare and Health Savings Accounts