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The Election, Politics, and the Market

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The Election, Politics, and the Market

After years of steady market growth and relatively low volatility, the recent emergence of the Coronavirus combined with the impending presidential election presents investors with a rapidly evolving situation that feels unsettling. While market activity is out of our control, and the outcome of the election is unknown, one thing we can count on between now and November 3rd is that there will be plenty of opinions and prognostications about potential outcomes. So how should long-term investors react to the conversations on elections and the corresponding politics?

Please join us on September 15th at 11am ET for a virtual town hall hosted by Christian Newton, a Vice-president with Dimensional Fund Advisors. The discussion will cover top-of-mind questions related to the current market conditions, the impending election, political implications for investors, and historical perspectives drawn from the lessons of history.

Tuesday, September 15th 

11 am EST