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Analyzing the Super Bowl Indicator

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Analyzing the Super Bowl Indicator

Can the winner of the Super Bowl predict the direction of the Stock Market? It might sound crazy, but it has accurately predicted the direction of the Stock Market 40 of the last 54 years. Join us as we put the famed indictor to the test.

There isn't much debate about the legitimacy of the Super Bowl Indicator. (Spoiler alert: it's 90% luck and 10% all in good fun). However, it shines the light on an important idea. There are countless Stock Market indictors and anomalies that are supposed to help improve our timing and performance as investors. Some of these help, most of them don't, but all of them sound convincing.

Using the Super Bowl indicator as our test case, we'll walk through a five-step process that helps sort the contenders from the pretenders.


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