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Paul Harteg to Step Down as Co-Chief Investment Officer of DHG Wealth Advisors

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Paul Harteg to Step Down as Co-Chief Investment Officer of DHG Wealth Advisors

Effective May 31, 2021, Paul Harteg will be stepping down from his role as our Co-Chief Investment Officer. He will continue to serve his clients and manage the Greenville, SC advisory team.

Eighteen years ago, Paul was one of the first advisors to join DHG Wealth Advisors and has since been an integral member of our team. He has been at the forefront of our Investment Policy Committee leading research, investment solutions and planning strategies. Along the way, he has helped many of our firm’s newer advisors grow and flourish in their advisor roles.

“As a financial advisor for DHG Wealth Advisors, I have the privilege of doing important work for our clients to help them achieve the goals they have for themselves and their families. I really enjoy making a difference and enriching people’s lives,” stated Paul when asked about what he enjoys when working with his clients.

Paul is happy to meet with clients to develop tailored solutions for any of their financial issues, along with being able to give a client guidance and comprehensive insight to allow them to make more informed choices and develop sound plans for their future.

Paul, who has been advising clients for 35 years, is looking forward to continue serving as an advisor to his valued clients, and helping them make smart choices for their future by coordinating investments and tax planning.