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2021 Year-End Tax Planning

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2021 Year-End Tax Planning

2021 was a year of emerging stronger after the unprecedented events of 2020. There were major societal changes in 2021 that were brought on by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and legislation was passed on the national and state levels to aid businesses in their recovery. On the individual level there have been huge shifts to how and where people choose to live and work now. We have also seen a large focus on personal wealth, investments, retirement plans and charitable giving around anticipated tax legislation.

This letter, written by DHG (our parent company), highlights some areas you may want to consider as you begin the year-end planning process. We anticipate this letter may raise some questions, and we are here to help. We are hopeful that this letter will spark some ideas and begin to lay the groundwork for identifying and evaluating options specific to your circumstances and objectives with your DHG wealth advisor and your CPA.

We look forward to working with you in meeting the challenges of today and planning for the successes of tomorrow.




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