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Outcome or Process?

posted on

April 02, 2014

Are you an outcome oriented investor or a process driven investor? The two are obviously very different. Many investors focus on their investment return every day, every month or every quarter. We log into our investment account, sometimes daily, to determine if we see more green than red! If it’s red day after day, the sell order button is pushed and we look for some other pot of gold that is reporting in the green. Our timing couldn’t be more perfect…..maybe.

But what if we focused on the process? A longer time horizon? What if we stuck to a methodical and disciplined approach and allowed sufficient time for the process to work? What would that outcome be over 3, 5, or 10 years? What would be your long term “draft choices”?

Please enjoy this recent article from the Washington Post, for Barry Ritholz's thoughts.