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Archive by author: Clayton L. Thornton, AAMS® | AIF®Return
Clay is a veteran of the financial consulting and wealth management profession who joined the firm in May 2008 as an advisor. He is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist® and holds an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation from Fiduciary360. His prior experience includes 20 years working at top securities firms. Clay earned his B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in finance, from the University of South Carolina. 
In Person, Online or Hybrid: The Benefits of 529 Plans to Pay for College
We’ve all seen the headlines: “Cancellations, Opt-Outs, and Virus Cases Put Heat on College Football” (The New York Times) “5 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Higher Education Forever – and How Colleges Can Adapt” (USA Today) “On Campus But Under Lockdown — a Day in the Life of a College Student During Covid-19” (CNBC)
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