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Bill joined DHG Wealth Advisors in 2009 and currently serves as DHG Wealth Advisors Chief Investment Officer since June of 2021. As Chief Investment Officer, Bill leads the firm’s Investment Policy Committee, setting the direction for DHG Wealth Advisors’ investment methodology and client solutions, serving over $2 billion in client assets. Additionally, Bill serves on the firm's Leadership Committee, helping guide firm direction and shaping the service experience for our clients.

As a Senior Financial Advisor, he leads the wealth management services provided by DHG Wealth Advisors in the Jacksonville and Atlanta markets. His practice focuses heavily on transition planning, helping clients through the important decisions associated with life transition events such as retirement, sale of a business, divorce and loss of a spouse.

In addition to his 22 years of professional experience, Bill is one of a select few advisors nationwide to hold both the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) certification and Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation.

He has 21 years of hands-on experience in the wealth management industry including four years as a portfolio manager at a major commercial bank where he managed more than $1 billion in equity and fixed income assets for trust, individual, charitable, and corporate clients. Additionally, Bill served as a money manager research analyst during the first four years of his career.

When not working or involved with family activities, Bill dedicates significant time to Rotary Club of Orange Park Sunrise, Estate Planning Council of Northeast Florida, and CFA Society of Jacksonville. Bill is a 1999 graduate of Stetson University in Deland, Florida with a degree in finance.


Stretch IRAs

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An IRA in and of itself provides for the significant benefit of tax-deferred growth during the owner's lifetime.  The funds in the IRA are only taxed when they are removed.   They can be removed and used without penalty beginning the year the owner turns 59½.  Later on, during the year that the owner turns 70½, the IRS requires withdrawal of a Required Minimum Distribution.  For most participants, this first distribution is equal to 3.65% of the IRA’s value, with the percentage distribution required to be distributed by the IRS rising as they age.What many individuals don’t realize is that the benefits of tax-deferred growth can extend to an individuals’ heirs through a Stretch IRA (more formally called an Inherited IRA).  The IRA can become a Stretch IRA without significant effort on your part; it’s part of the tax law.   Upon death, the  specifically named heirs will inherit the IRA as an Inhe...
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Letter From the Chairman

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As a client or professional partner of DHG Wealth Advisors you’ve been part of a wealth management experience focused on your goals and objectives, not one focused on products.   As a part of implementing an appropriate solution for our clients based on their needs, risk tolerance, and feedback; our Investment Policy Committee seeks out investment solutions that have stood the test of time.   A long standing part of our client portfolios has been Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).   We’ve attached this year’s “Letter From The Chairman”, penned by DFA Chairman David Booth for your review.The article outlines how DFA’s long term investment success has been built on a philosophy which takes advantage of academically proven risks and remains committed to them during cycles that have not been favorable.   These are similar to the tenants of long-term individual investing success; selecting an investment strategy that ...
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