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Women & Wealth: Cracking the Confidence Code in Investing
While women are confident in many areas of their financial lives, they have historically felt less confident or no confidence when it comes to investing. Why? Sarah Charles begins with the question “What is confidence?,” a question that Kitty Kay and Claire Shipman set out to answer in their New York Times bestselling book The Confidence Code. She then takes the lessons learned from The Confidence Code and applies them to the basic principles of investing on the hopes that more women will answer “Yes” when asked: are you confident when it comes to investing?VIEW WEBINAR RECORDING HEREVIEW WEBINAR RECORDING HERESpeaker:Sarah Charles, CSRIC™, AIF® / Director of Business Strategy, Sr. Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth AdvisorsDate: November 1, 2021Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ESTCPE: 1 hour CPE, pending approvalCPE Information: CPE Credit: One hour of CPE (pending approval) Delivery Format: Group Internet Based Prerequisites / Advanced Preparation: ...
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Living an EPIC Retirement

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Living an EPIC Retirement
Retirement is changing, and chances are, your golden years are going to be very different than your parents’ or grandparents’. Prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities of the new retirement landscape with this interactive workshop. DHG Wealth Advisors will show you how to get the best retirement possible with the money you have.
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Women & Work: Women Returning to the Workplace
The National Woman’s Law Center has reported that female workforce participation has dropped down to 57% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.Emerging stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic is top of mind for everyone. One of the biggest upcoming challenges is women returning to the workplace. Whether you are going fully back in the office, a hybrid work situation, plan to stay fully remote or are planning on re-joining the workforce we will discuss best practices and tips.Date: September 21, 2021Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PMSpeakers: Sarah Charles, CSRIC™, AIF® / Director, Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth Advisors Alice Grey Harrison, APR, Corporate Communications Leader, DHG Shannon Brown, Business Development Executive, DHG Deneen Keegan, CPA, Assurance Senior Manager, DHG Katherine Johnson, Executive Assistant, DHGWATCH HERE
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Women & Work: Career Leadership Coaching for Women
Navigating the professional world as a woman comes with its own unique set of challenges. Join DHG’s team members for insights into how to find positions that best fit your needs and how to grow your career.
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Overcoming the Biggest Mistakes People Make with Their Money
Many feel the biggest mistakes people make with their money are things like not having enough saved for retirement, not having a long-term approach to investing or not having a financial plan.
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Women & Wealth: Understanding Your Finances 101
A panel of DHGWA financial advisors discussed basic financial principles and the foundations of investing, so that you have the knowledge you need to manage your personal finances with confidence!Date: May 27, 2021Time: 11:00  AM - 12:00 PM ESTPanelists: Amy Manning, CFP, Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth Advisors (Moderator) Suzanne Holbert, CPA/PFS, Director, Vice-President, DHG Wealth Advisors Ashley Israel, CPS/PFS, CFP, Director, Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth Advisors Ellen Lindh, Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth AdvisorsVIEW RECORDINGClick here to register for upcoming DHG Wealth Advisors’ Women, Wealth & Work webinar series.
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Medicare 101: Understanding the Basics
Are you nearing 65 and confused about signing up for Medicare? Are you overwhelmed by the brochures in your mailbox and the choices you have to make? Signing up for Medicare is a major milestone– which is why it’s important that you understand the landscape so you can make informed and educated decisions that are right for you.  
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Financial Fitness Webinar - Balancing Cash Flow Versus Deductions, a Webinar for Small Business Owners
A joint webinar from DHG Wealth Advisors and DHG Tax targeted towards small business owners such as sole proprietors and flow through entities. We will be focusing on the perspective of the individual who owns the business, not the business itself.
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Transition Opportunities in a COVID-19 World
COVID-19 has disrupted the construction industry with lasting impacts on operational and financial performance. As the market continues to reshape and evolve, businesses must consider the risks and opportunities to successfully transition into the future.
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Financial Fitness Webinar - Personal Planning and What the CARES Act Means For You
DHG Tax and DHG Wealth Advisors are pleased to launch a series of “Financial Fitness” webinars designed to answer important questions when it comes to personal financial and tax planning. Our first session features a panel discussion that examines how individuals are impacted by several key provisions of the recently passed CARES Act, as well as personal planning considerations in the current market environment to keep you focused on your long-term objectives.
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