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Women & Wealth: Cracking the Confidence Code in Investing
While women are confident in many areas of their financial lives, they have historically felt less confident or no confidence when it comes to investing. Why? Sarah Charles begins with the question “What is confidence?,” a question that Kitty Kay and Claire Shipman set out to answer in their New York Times bestselling book The Confidence Code. She then takes the lessons learned from The Confidence Code and applies them to the basic principles of investing on the hopes that more women will answer “Yes” when asked: are you confident when it comes to investing?Speaker:Sarah Charles, CSRIC™, AIF® / Director of Business Strategy, Sr. Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth AdvisorsDate: November 1, 2021Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ESTCPE: 1 hour CPE, pending approvalREGISTER HERECPE Information: CPE Credit: One hour of CPE (pending approval) Delivery Format: Group Internet Based Prerequisites / Advanced Preparation: None Course Level: Basic Participants: In...
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Living an EPIC Retirement

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Living an EPIC Retirement
Retirement is changing, and chances are, your golden years are going to be very different than your parents’ or grandparents’. Prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities of the new retirement landscape with this interactive workshop. DHG Wealth Advisors will show you how to get the best retirement possible with the money you have.
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