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Which U.S. Presidents Had Negative Stock Market Returns?
Did you know that since 1929 only 3 presidents have presided over negative stock market returns during their term in office? In our latest video DHG Wealth Advisors is joined by Christian Newton, a Vice President with Dimensional Fund Advisors, to explore these three presidents and what we can learn from their stories.
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Announcing DHG Wealth Advisors YouTube Channel
DHG Wealth Advisors is always looking for opportunities to deliver informative and relevant content to our clients – which is why we are excited to announce the launch of our YouTube Channel. Our video content will focus on answering the most common questions we get from clients, demystifying confusing financial jargon and concepts, and highlighting our culture and how we work with clients. With the presidential election looming large, and investors questioning what the outcome might mean for their portfolio, our first video, “How Much Does the President Influence The Stock Market,” explores the history of stock market returns under Republicans versus Democrats going back to 1926.
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Financial Fitness Webinar - Balancing Cash Flow Versus Deductions, a Webinar for Small Business Owners
A joint webinar from DHG Wealth Advisors and DHG Tax targeted towards small business owners such as sole proprietors and flow through entities. We will be focusing on the perspective of the individual who owns the business, not the business itself.
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Transition Opportunities in a COVID-19 World
COVID-19 has disrupted the construction industry with lasting impacts on operational and financial performance. As the market continues to reshape and evolve, businesses must consider the risks and opportunities to successfully transition into the future.
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Financial Fitness Webinar - Personal Planning and What the CARES Act Means For You
DHG Tax and DHG Wealth Advisors are pleased to launch a series of “Financial Fitness” webinars designed to answer important questions when it comes to personal financial and tax planning. Our first session features a panel discussion that examines how individuals are impacted by several key provisions of the recently passed CARES Act, as well as personal planning considerations in the current market environment to keep you focused on your long-term objectives.
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The SECURE Act and Your Retirement – A DHG Live Stream
Signed into law at the end of 2019, the SECURE Act – Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act – represents the most extensive change to retirement legislation since 2006. The SECURE Act aims to improve retirement confidence and security for individuals in the U.S. to gain easier access to retirement plans.
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Clay Thornton | AAMS®, AIF®

Bill Laird | CFA, CFP®

Jason Lunsford | MBA, CRPS®, AAMS®, AIF®, PPC™

This webinar, provided by DHG's Wealth Advisory Group, will focus on the basic skills and knowledge you need to better manage your money and plan for a happy and healthy retirement. Initially created internally for DHG and now available publicly.
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Financial Fitness for Getting Established

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Philip Moser | CFP®

Amy Manning | CFP®

Maria Tobin | CLU, ChFC, LUTCF with DHG Agency

Our team of specialists discuss some of the financial milestones you may encounter as you get established in life: buying a vehicle, buying a house, saving for college, buying insurance, and building net worth. You’ll hear how to plan for major purchases, prudently manage your debit, hear about the varied types of insurance and savings for kids’ college tuition. Initially created internally for DHG and now available publicly.
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Dave Koppenheffer / Associate Advisor
This session will discuss financial planning for individuals just starting their career or those starting to think about saving and investing for the first time. You’ll hear tips on how to create a budget, the importance of building an emergency fund, how to develop a plan to pay off student loans, investing for the first time and a summary on 401(k) plans and other savings vehicles. Initially created internally for DHG and now available publicly.
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Dollie Halford | CFP®, CDFA™

Maria Tobin | CLU, ChFC, LUTCF with DHG Agency

This first session will focus on financial fitness for women, where, at some point in their lives, 95% will become the sole financial decision maker for their family. Yet studies show that, on average, women feel they lack confidence and knowledge in making wise financial decisions. Join us for an insightful look at some of the financial issues unique to women, as well as an overview of investing and financial planning. Initially created internally for DHG and now available publicly.
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